Grade 6: Earth Science

This year-long course is a hands-on, inquiry-based class that centers on a variety of earth science topics, including erosion/deposition, plate tectonics and the earth’s structure, energy in the earth system, earthquakes, volcanoes, climate change, and ecology. Each topic includes opportunities for students to interact with the content through messy activities, observe exciting demonstrations, engage in long-term projects, problem solve, think critically, and practice literacy strategies that enable them to grow as thinkers and scientists.

Grade 7: Life Science

In 7th - Grade Life Science our students focus on cell biology, genetics, evolution, earth and life history, the structure and function of living systems, and the physical principles of living systems. They explore these topics through investigation, experimentation, and laboratory work. Students complete scientific projects throughout the year. Our students are encouraged to think for themselves and pursue their individual questions to resolution, working at home on projects and presenting them in class.

Grade 8: Physical Science

In 8th - Grade Physical Science, our students become scientists. This course has been designed to cover a range of topics in physical science with an emphasis on the fundamentals of chemistry and physics. Our students also explore the engineering process by building and using robots. One of the central goals of this course is to develop the healthy self-confidence, enthusiasm, and scientific skills necessary for high school courses. Students develop the skill to observe, collect, organize, and communicate scientific data and information. They also develop values, aspirations, and attitudes that support a personal commitment to the environment and humankind. Students gain a foundation of the facts, processes, fundamental concepts, principles, and applications of science and utilize these skills in the completion of a science fair project.