music & The arts

A Thematic Approach to Art

Course Overview:
Pioneer’s art class will use a thematic approach for exploring, interpreting and creating art. Our class is a hands-on, multimedia course that blends the elements and principles of design with each student's unique self expression. Each week we will explore art that exemplifies a different theme. After a whole group-discussion, students will create a piece of art that shows their comprehension and interpretation of the theme. Examples of themes include: dreams and visions, conflict and war, nature, happiness, heroes, fear an America, to name a few.

Course Objectives:
The student will: A. Identify and create artwork based on the elements and principles of art. B. Demonstrate through their artwork how to use the elements of art to express feelings. C. Recognize, compare and use different media to create their artwork. D. Develop a respect and appreciation for the artwork of artists, including classmates' art. E. Recognize and compare differences in several art mediums. F. Create representational and abstract art. G. Show comprehension of the weekly theme in their artwork. H. Develop an “art vocabulary” 

Course Content:
Students will review and discuss a variety of artwork found online, in books and at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz. Students will use drawing, painting, sculpture/modeling, collage and found items to convey meaning and communicate his or her ideas and feelings about our weekly theme. 

Students will not be assessed on their artistic skill. Students will be assessed on their understanding and expression of the presented theme and how they are able to convey meaning through their work.