Pioneer Academy values each child’s story. At this age, children begin to be aware of their unique self and start making judgments about themselves and others. We believe children need tools to deal with this new phase in life. Problem solving, decision making, and critical and creative thinking are all fundamental skills children develop at Pioneer Academy.

Students learn to open their inner eye; to look at, observe, and wonder about themselves and their place in the world. We believe that it is essential for a child to understand the importance of critical self-reflection regarding their internal thought processes as well as those of the people around them. We help them develop this skill using an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses literature, music, history, art, science, cultural studies, health and well-being, and mathematics. We begin with the inside and work our way out. In this way, children will learn to interpret the ideas of others as well as their own in a balanced, logical and compassionate manner.

Pioneer Academy places emphasis upon the development of each child’s human potential and believes it is essential for a child to apply what they’ve learned about themselves in the classroom and immediate community. We give children the opportunity to apply their new understanding via real-world problem solving and decision making and meaningful and purposeful class activities that lead children to be engaged and excited about the topics at hand. We initiate this experiential learning by having students ask questions as an author, artist, or scientist. They write, edit, and publish books; create paintings, songs or sculptures; and host events or conduct experiments and field studies to find proof for their hypotheses. With an experiential, hands-on, child-centered approach to learning, Pioneer students become empowered and excited about what they learn and have the opportunity to share it with the world.