David Bryan was born in New York City and grew up in large cities and small rural communities in New York and New Jersey. He attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook, (BA, Social Science Interdisciplinary, 1974), The University of California at Los Angeles, (MS, Kinesiology, 1978), and the State University of New York at Buffalo, (JD, Law, 1982; Ph.D., Communication, 1985.) 

David’s broad interests have led to several careers, including teaching law and communication theory at SUNY at Buffalo, teaching kinesiology at UCLA, kinesiological research at UCLA’s Electromyography Lab, and private practice in kinesiology. In 1985, he began a private business in South Florida and what would become a three-year sailing exploration of other cultures that took him through the Caribbean islands. 

In 1989, he moved to Los Angeles, where he taught briefly in the LA Unified public school district, and then for six years at Crossroads School for Arts & Science where he taught and served as the Dean of Human Development. In 1995, he became the President, founding Head of School, and a teacher at New Roads School, a position he held until July 2013. Under his leadership, New Roads grew from a small independent middle school in Santa Monica to include grades Kindergarten through 12 on four campuses in Los Angeles and Santa Monica, CA.

David currently lives in the Santa Cruz mountains with his wife, Shelly Graham, where he is writing, teaching, involving himself in local civic life, and looking for the next adventure.


Rebecca graduated from SJSU with honors in 1990 with a Major in Dance and a Minor in Musical Theater. She went on to perform in Summer Stock Theater while auditioning and studying dance, voice and acting in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Throughout college and into her early 20s she taught dance to children and adults, including college students at the College of Notre Dame in Belmont, where she also choreographed musical theater productions.

Rebecca has always wanted individuals to “strive for excellence.” She always sees the actual potential in others and wants them to succeed. She was advised by other dancers that she was “too nice for show business” and should become a therapist or teacher. Taking that advice, she became a full-time nanny and went back to school. After talking with many public school teachers and taking classes in child development and early childhood education, it became apparent that what teachers, children, and families needed most in schools was emotional support. She then attended John F Kennedy Graduate School of Professional Psychology from 1996-2001, graduating in 1999. While there she worked in the Graduate Psychology Office as an Administrative Assistant, Faculty Coordinator, and Administrative Director.

She also worked with children and families in the Cupertino School District (as a school therapist), the JFKU Cupertino Family Counseling Center, and Parent Center Watsonville. Professionally, Rebecca worked with Health Project Center’s Del Mar Caregivers Resource Center as a Senior Family Consultant, a Supervising Senior Family Consultant and group and individual therapist from 2002-2007. Currently, she Home-Schools her daughter, while maintaining a small private practice helping families with grief and terminal illness issues.


Jennifer has 20 years experience on numerous educational boards including Parent Education Cooperative, Bradley Elementary School, and Temple Beth El Education committee. She has been a teacher and executive  board member including Board President for Bradley Elementary Home and School Club and Vice President for Parent Education Cooperative School of Santa Cruz City Schools. She has been a fundraising chairperson for many schools and programs for students. She completed the Early Childhood Education Program at Cabrillo College in 1998 and has a lifelong commitment to creating quality educational programs for children of all ages. As a mother of three boys she has continually strived to be her children's best advocate for their education. Her energy is fully dedicated to making Pioneer a successful, innovative choice for the education of middle school students. 


Bart has recently been consulting with entrepreneurs, existing businesses and organizations in the areas of strategy, corporate alignment, processes, software architecture, product design, user experience and assisting with outsourced development projects. Over the past several years, Bart has also been educating organizations on the use of Social Networking for marketing, brand building, and constituent management purposes. 

Bart holds a degree in Communications with an emphasis on Human Information Processing from the University of California, San Diego and has been a frequent speaker at corporate and conference events, including keynotes, and has served as an industry expert on numerous discussion panels. In 2009, Bart was named as one of the all-time Top 100 Alumni to graduate from UCSD for his contributions in computer science and communications.